The Pandemic Ruined Church Attendance

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— An art history professor at Hamline University in Minnesota was fired after showing students an ancient depiction of the Prophet Muhammad in class. (0:40)

— The Catholic Church in Kansas was home to 188 predators, according to a four-year investigation. (19:05)

— When it comes to contraception, most Catholics in the U.S. completely ignore the Church’s position. (27:40)

— The Christians behind a viral “Eye of the Tiger” cover see all your comments calling them “cringy.” (37:00)

— The legislature of New Brunswick rejected an invocation request from a Hindu activist because lawmakers insisted the prayer could only come from a fellow Christian. (50:50)

— Church attendance among young people has suffered a major decline since the pandemic. (57:05)

— A pastor was given a short jail sentence after subjecting homeless people to forced labor. (1:04:45)

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