Prayers Will Never Stop Gun Violence

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Nearly half of Gen Z, born after 1996, has no religious affiliation whatsoever. (1:17)

— Maryland’s attorney general released a report on Catholic clergy abuse in Baltimore Archdiocese. (16:09)

— A priest was punished for saying clergy members should report sex abuse confessions to local authorities. (27:11)

— The Covenant School tragedy shows how more prayer will never stop gun violence. (36:31)

— Religious jurors punish defendants who don’t swear to God to tell the truth. (42:07)

— Texas lawmakers also want to replace trained school counselors with untrained chaplains. (46:30)

— Atheists are suing West Virginia prison officials for forcing some inmates to profess Christianity. (55:15)

— A Maine church is very upset it can’t get taxpayer money for promoting bigotry. (59:51)

— A megachurch allegedly forced employees to tithe 10% of each paycheck. (1:07:08)

— A Nebraska school is revamping its security protocols after an uninvited preacher evangelized in the cafeteria. (1:21:29)

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