This Preacher Praised Christian Slaveowners

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Pat Robertson is still dead.

— What happened to that submersible? (0:20)

Josh Duggar‘s father-in-law delivered a racist sermon praising Christian slaveowners. (5:15)

— Is the Supreme Court case involving a bigoted Christian web designer built on a lie? (32:40)

— A GOP congressman is targeting a church/state separation group with his defense bill amendment. (46:10)

— In Colorado, nearly 1 in 4 state lawmakers are non-religious. (1:01:20)

— At 14, she was “betrothed” to her pastor. She’s finally sharing her side of the story. (1:11:51)

— A Catholic priest forgot how to count. Now the Church is celebrating a “Eucharistic miracle.” (1:28:15)

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