A Baptist Pastor Trashed Kids with Autism

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Former Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis owes $100,000 to a gay couple she discriminated against. (1:28)

— A Baptist pastor falsely claimed autism is demonic: “My God doesn’t make junk.” (12:45)

— A misleading survey suggests Christians are more tolerant of free speech than atheists. (30:00)

— Florida continues to promote a Christian-approved alternative to the SAT. (41:54)

— Christian pastors are struggling to find their successors. (1:00:05)

— Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke has a warning about demonic owls. (1:13:48)

— An Idaho library board chair demanded Sunday closures to “keep the Sabbath day holy.” (1:19:58)

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