The Mormon Church Condemns Tim Ballard

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke has a massive bill coming his way. (1:30)

— Even the Mormon Church wants nothing to do with Tim Ballard. (10:30)

— A new lawsuit says Louisiana students were tricked into going to church instead of a college fair. (25:05)

— Letter suggests Pope Pius XII knew about Nazi atrocities but remained on the sidelines. (40:40)

— After a teen’s petition, a Minnesota school district will stop holding graduation in a megachurch. (52:40)

— A professional singer was fired for criticizing the Cleveland Diocese’s anti-LGBTQ policies. (1:04:03)

— A Christian hate-preacher rationalized slavery in the worst way. (1:20:20)

— For State House, Louisiana GOP endorses Christian pastor charged with child cruelty. (1:28:16)

— A former American Family Association VP sued AFA for same-sex sexual harassment. (1:35:13)

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