The IRS Revoked an Atheist Charity’s Tax Exemption

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Atheist charity Nonbelief Relief just had its tax exemption revoked by the IRS… arguably on purpose. The group says this amounts to religious discrimination by the government. (0:45)

— Here are the major church/state separation cases in front of the Supreme Court that Brett Kavanaugh could soon be ruling on. (11:55)

— Secular Democrats are among the most enthusiastic about the midterms. But will that mean votes? (18:38)

Mike Huckabee thinks Taylor Swift‘s endorsement for Democrats won’t matter. As usual, he’s wrong. (22:45)

— The Mormon president said women should take a 10-day social media “fast”… right before the election. (27:24)

— The new Quebec premier says a large crucifix in the National Assembly isn’t a religious symbol at all. (32:36)

— Want an important take on the #MeToo movement? Don’t ask North Dakota GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer. (35:41)

— A group representing Catholic moms released a video supporting Kavanaugh that was all about how false allegations could happen to the men in your lives. (41:41)

— The UK Supreme Court just ruled in favor of Christian bakers who didn’t want to bake a cake for a gay customer. But this could backfire on Christians. (44:02)

— Teachers at a middle school couldn’t decide what to do with a trans student during a lockdown drill. Thank goodness it was only a drill. (49:02)

Matthew Shepard will finally have a resting place nearly two decades after a hate crime took his life. (51:23)

— When are government officials (including teachers) allowed to wear religious symbols? (55:42)

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