Your Post-Vegas Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Helping

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Your thoughts and prayers after the shooting in Las Vegas aren’t helping. (1:06)

— The folks at Fox and Friends think the shooter just “didn’t believe in God.” (14:31)

— The worst response to the shooting came from a Mormon who blamed the victims. (22:02)

— What should we make of the survivor who said he found God after surviving the massacre? (24:25)

— A woman says God protected her… after surviving an awful car accident. (32:53)

— The 14 Attorneys General who say a Giant Christian Cross in a Florida park is totally secular. (36:27)

— It’s okay to question a judicial nominee’s religious history. (43:31)

— Anti-abortion politician Rep. Tim Murphy is resigning after allegedly texting his mistress to tell her to abort their possible lovechild. (53:27)

Flipping the bird in church is constitutionally protected speech! (56:47)

— Happy stories… about why Olive Garden is ruining Hemant. (1:02:22)

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