Tucker Carlson Thinks We’re in an Atheist Theocracy

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Tucker Carlson says the Brett Kavanaugh backlash is due to an atheist “theocracy.” (4:40)

— Does Purity Culture explain why evangelical women still support Brett Kavanaugh? (11:06)

— Former Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson is teaching a class on ethics for some reason. (14:58)

— Even Catholics are getting sick of Pope Francis. (19:52)

— In a letter, Albert Einstein called God a “product of human weakness.” (24:41)

— Ark Encounter does not make for an educational (or legal) field trip. (26:40)

— The “Nones” believe a lot of New Age nonsense. (30:02)

— The Jenga approach to religion. (34:17)

— Irish schools have an awful track record when it comes to religion. (37:55)

— The Trump administration will end visas for unmarried gay partners of diplomats. (41:48)

— Is “freethought” a good word for atheists to use? (47:30)

(Screenshot via Twitter)

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