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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Catholic pharmacist wouldn’t give a woman the medicine she needed to abort a miscarriage. (2:35)

— Christian videographers want the right to discriminate against gay customers and it may go to the Supreme Court. (10:48)

— Republicans are rushing to confirm an enemy of church/state separation before Democrats can weigh in. (21:12)

Stephen Hawking is adamant about his atheism in his final book. (30:42)

Donald Trump said he has a “natural instinct” for science, a comment which shows he doesn’t understand science. (34:30)

— There’s a “grueling” exam for astrologers. I guess you fail by taking it. (37:02)

— Christian author says rape doesn’t count if the woman doesn’t scream. Again. (42:52)

— An anti-gay former fire chief in Atlanta got $1.2 million in settlement. (49:15)

— 90% of Goop wellness products are not supported by science. (57:43)

— Can you be a bad atheist? (1:02:07)

— How can we stay optimistic in a depressing world? (1:07:59)

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