Caitlyn Jenner’s Selfish Apology

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Tasmania may remove gender from birth certificates. (3:55)

— The Trump administration may revoke legal protections for transgender people. (8:35)

— Ark Encounter attendance is still dropping faster than ever. (18:18)

Astrological chapstick is now a thing. (20:37)

— The Museum of the Bible realized five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake. Who wants to tell them…? (22:47)

— If the Australian prime minister apologized for abuses in the Catholic Church, does it matter? (29:38)

— Anti-vaxxers got Arizona to scrap its vaccine education program. (35:55)

— Should anyone accept Caitlyn Jenner‘s apology for supporting Donald Trump despite his actions against transgender people? (41:36)

— Most evangelicals don’t understand their core beliefs, according to a new survey. (51:28)

— A rabbi wants people to avoid online ordination for weddings. He doesn’t get the problem with that. (1:09:03)

— This pastor thinks Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be executed for treason. (1:17:09)

— Is it okay for parents to swear around their children? (1:19:36)

— How do you meet atheists when you’re new in town? (1:20:21)

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