What We Learned from the Midterms

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Atheism, politics, and the consequences of the midterm elections! We discussed canvassing for a great candidate, the atheists who were elected, and what the GOP Senate majority could do to the courts. (1:00)

— The anti-gay county clerk from Kentucky, Kim Davis, is now out of a job having lost her re-election bid. (39:08)

— The Trump administration wants to make it even harder for women to obtain birth control. (45:15)

— The mother of a mass shooting victim says she doesn’t want anyone’s thoughts and prayers. She just wants gun control. (48:40)

Michelle Obama conceived her daughters through IVF. (51:07)

— Here’s a FOX News story you may enjoy… (53:07)

— Hemant will be speaking in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday night! It’s free. Come! (58:00)

— Students at a high school outside of Chicago were sent swastikas on their phones. (59:20)

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