The Charlie Kirk “Think Tank” Has Tanked

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— A Belgian court fined the Jehovah’s Witnesses for shunning former members. (0:25)

— The Catholic Church still says it won’t bless same-sex marriages. Some priests want to rebel. (7:50)

— The Liberty University “think tank” co-founded by right-wing activist Charlie Kirk has fired Charlie Kirk. (18:28)

— CNN’s Don Lemon said God loves everyone. Now a Christian hate group is furious. (24:18)

— The Georgia spa shooter had a long faith-filled history. (27:09)

— Bob Jones University, which once banned interracial dating, wants you to know they oppose the Equality Act. (40:40)

— A Montana Republican says he wants silent prayer in schools as a way to get God back in the classroom. (44:58)

— A Florida bill would let student athletes preach over the loudspeaker before playoff games. (49:55)

— A student recorded her middle school health teacher preaching in the classroom. (57:38)

Sen. Lindsey Graham says if the filibuster is changed, he’ll talk until he falls over. Let him. (1:00:20)

— Being “Super Straight” is a (silly bigoted) thing now. (1:06:59)

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