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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Some critics are angry that Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette mocked pseudoscience. (1:05)

Pat Robertson tried comforting a grieving mother by trashing atheists. (13:00)

— The GOP’s tax plan would let pastors endorse candidates from the pulpit without punishment. (18:58)

— A Christian pastor (wrongly) claimed there are no atheist relief groups. (27:06)

— A Christian activist offered a disturbing rewrite of a Disney show with a gay main character. (35:11)

— A Christian college is forcing freshmen to take a class in patriotism. (45:20)

— There’s no single “atheist movement” and we have to acknowledge that. (51:59)

Harvey Weinstein has a Bible verse on his hat. (1:13:54)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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