Lloyd Evans, Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchdog

Lloyd Evans is the founder of JWSurvey.org, a website that focuses on the problems with Jehovah’s Witnesses. For most of his life, Lloyd was a Witness. But that changed not too long ago. Now he’s trying to help others leave the faith.

On a personal note, I’ve learned so much about the seedy underbelly of the religion by reading his work.

We spoke with Lloyd about why JWs are suddenly getting more attention, the most painful aspect of leaving the faith, and the awful afterlife in store for those who didn’t make the cut for the “chosen” 144,000.


Here’s a video Lloyd made for his newborn daughter Jessica.

With Lloyd’s help, this is an Atheist Voice video explaining 9 things you may not know about the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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